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The History Records table provides you the information about server status activity of including date of the checks, connection time, service availability status for the last checks:

Date Time Ping Status
April 19, 17 21:34 0.8507 microseconds UP
April 14, 17 07:17 0.7767 microseconds UP
March 17, 17 16:56 0.7517 microseconds UP
March 13, 17 18:24 1.1416 microseconds UP
January 24, 17 04:27 0.7465 microseconds UP
January 15, 17 12:52 1.2950 microseconds UP
November 24, 16 15:40 1.0087 microseconds UP
September 18, 16 19:54 0.9142 microseconds UP
September 2, 16 17:13 0.9933 microseconds UP
August 24, 16 05:23 0.7588 microseconds UP

UP is up and reachable right now.
If you have the problem with accessing Here are the top three solutions you can try:

Solution 1: Clear Browser Cache and Cookies

  • Clear all the browser temporary cache on your browser. For the Instruction including Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera Browser.
  • After clearing the cache, Press Ctrl + F5 for Full Refresh to make a real time connection to the

Solution 2: Use Alternative Browsers

If you are using Mozilla Firefox, you can try another browser such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera Browser. Here you can find Download links. All browsers are available for FREE.

Solution 3: Clear Local DNS Cache

Sometime the computer has trouble reaching a certain web site because of a corrupt local DNS cache. Here is the Instruction on how to clear your local DNS cache in your computer for all Windows, Mac OS X and Linux users.

In case you tried all the solutions but could not solving the problem. You can report the issue and ask other for help in the following comment section. We love to hear from you!

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